Behind The Scenes: Ariana Van X On Location - Viv Thomas

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71321 - Cute Venezuelan brunette Ariana Van X talks to director Sandra Shine on the set of her hot lesbian movie "The Real Thing." The cosmopolitan 25-year-old beauty has lived in Spain and the Netherlands, and has studied film and photography. She is into girls in her personal life and loves to act on mutual chemistry with her girlfriends. She hasn’t been making erotic movies for long, but she is having a great experience. She is a fun-loving person who loves to express her sexuality and explore new things, particularly her foot fetish; she’s also a romantic who loves foreplay. She reveals that her clit is very sensitive, and she masturbates before going to sleep each night – and sometimes in the morning too – and likes to add a butt plug for added spice. Thoughtful, articulate and engaging, she is sure to win more fans with this candid interview.

Download this video from Viv Thomas
Download this from Viv Thomas