[09/12/2020] - Behind The Scenes: Aislin & Hayli Sanders On Location - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Stunning blonde Aislin and gorgeous brunette Hayli Sanders share their sexy secrets with director Sandra Shine on the set of their hot lesbian movie Check Me Out. The girls loved the cool opening premise of the film, as well as the scorching sex. Aislin confesses that she isn’t into clubbing or one-night stands, so to experience it as a fantasy scenario was especially exciting. In her personal life she likes comfortable sex on a bed, but watching erotica, she finds unique places and situations a turn-on. Hayli says she is so into Aislin she would happily fuck her anywhere. At times she is too distracted by kissing the busty blonde to respond! Their sexual chemistry is intense as Hayli fondles Aislin’s beautiful breasts, describing how soft and lovely they are. Aislin explains that because they both genuinely love girls, Hayli knows exactly how to give her pleasure.