[09/30/2022] - Diamond's First Time - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

haired sweetie admits she doesn’t have any experience with another girl, and she’s curious to try it – especially when Casey starts to kiss her neck playfully. They embrace passionately, the sassy blonde taking control and sucking Diamond’s puffy nipples, then licking up her thigh to her bare pussy. Diamond squirms with arousal as Casey runs her tongue along the groove between her pussy lips, lapping at her clit and gazing up at her seductively. Undressing them both, Casey lies down and invites her girlfriend to explore her curvaceous body. Diamond nuzzles Casey’s fluffy bush as she gets her first taste of pussy, sucking and licking enthusiastically to drive her to boiling point; then she perches with thighs spread wide so Casey can lick her again. She trembles and moans through a powerful orgasm before they switch again, with Casey sitting on Diamond’s face to ride to an intense climax of her own. She’s delighted to discover Diamond is such a fast learner.

Viv Thomas

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