[09/27/2022] - Beautiful Morning - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

It’s a "Beautiful Morning" and sexy brunette Mia Evans is making breakfast for herself and her girlfriend. As Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian movie begins, Ophelia Dust joins Mia in the garden, half naked and with a hunger for more than juice and pastries. The lovers kiss and touch playfully at first, their passion increasing as Mia kneels between Ophelia’s parted thighs and caresses her beautiful breasts. She sucks Ophelia’s nipples adoringly, teasing them to stiff points with her tongue, then goes down to lick her hairy pussy. Ophelia moans with arousal as Mia laps at her clit skilfully, driving her to an orgasm that leaves her trembling and giggling. Ophelia turns her attention to her sweetheart’s luscious body now, peeling off her panties and eating her shaved pussy voraciously. Mia has a powerful climax, her breasts jiggling as she shivers and shakes. When she’s caught her breath, Ophelia resumes licking her pussy, making her climax again and again. Eager to reciprocate, Mia fingerbangs Ophelia to another frantic orgasm before their appetite for sexual pleasure is sated.

Viv Thomas

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