[05/24/2022] - Touch Me - Viv Thomas

Channel: Viv Thomas

Cute brunette Vanessa Alessia is lounging around when she’s distracted by her sensual urges. As Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian movie "Touch Me" begins, she slips the straps of her top from her shoulders and caresses her beautiful breasts, while rubbing herself through her tight shorts. Aroused by the delicious sensations, she peels off her shorts and spreads her slender thighs, revealing the dark hair that fringes her pussy and stroking her clit sensuously. She’s caught by gorgeous blonde Kelly Collins, who strips down to her panties and fondles her perfect breasts as she watches her girlfriend masturbate. Vanessa is startled to find Kelly has witnessed her orgasm, but delighted by her tender touch as Kelly takes over strumming her clit while sucking her stiff nipples. Soon Kelly is kneeling between Vanessa’s spread thighs, eating her pussy eagerly. Kelly gets naked and straddles Vanessa’s face, moaning with pleasure as she grinds on her tongue. Dismounting, she sits with thighs spread wide and Vanessa licks her to a powerful climax, then rides her face until she orgasms again too.

Viv Thomas

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