Without Hesitation Scene 2 - Sweet Heart Video


Alison (Gina Valentina) just moved to Los Angeles after a terrible break up. She needs to relax and decides to get a massage. When Debby (Aidra Fox) puts her soft hands on her back, she can feel this strange feeling growing inside her. Under the gentle caress and kind voice of Debby, Alison finally starts to relax. Slowly during that exceptional moment, Alison opens up to Debby, the two beautiful women gradually get to know each other, you can feel the tension building between them in the small room. Alison doesn't say a word when Debby's fingers slide between her legs. Debby doesn't object when Alison's tongue tenderly touches Debby's pussy. For a moment they forget everything around them. In this instant, the only thing that is important it's the pleasure of each other and they will enjoy every second of it.