Girls Kissing Girls 25 Scene 4 - Unexpected Encounter - Sweet Heart Video


Lucy (Emma Hix) is riding her skateboard on the street listening to music on her iPod. She is enjoying the ride and isn't really paying attention to what is happening around her. Ellen (Emma Scarletto) is late to get to the the library, she jumps in her car and drives back without seeing Lucy on her skateboard. Ellen breaks fast, but it's too late, Lucy falls on the concrete and scratches on her knee. Ellen feels bad for Lucy and invites her inside so she can patch her up before she gets back on her board. Lucy agrees and follows her inside. Ellen finishes applying the band aid on Lucy's knee when she see her headphones on the table. Ellen is curious to know what kinds of music she listens to, Lucy grabs the headphones and passes them to Ellen. She picks one of her favorite songs and presses play. Ellen loves the song and passes one of the headphones to Lucy. The two girls are face to face listening to music connected by the same headphone. Lucy looks at Ellen in the eyes, Ellen smiles shy and slowly Lucy leans in for a kiss.