You Used To BABYSIT Her!!, Scene #01 - Mommy's Girl

Channel: Mommy's Girl

how could Sonny do something like this? But Sonny and Daya calmly explain their intentions. Sonny normally prefers to date younger women, but when she arrived today and saw how pretty Daya had grown up to be, she couldn't resist getting a taste. Daya, on the other hand, finds older women super attractive and likes being with a more experienced lover like Sonny. Can Misty blame her?As Misty listens, some unexpected feelings of arousal start washing over her. She licks her lips and stares at the two beautiful women, naked in bed together. Would it be so wrong of her to join in? After all, it might be beneficial to have a parental unit around, just to make sure Sonny doesn't get TOO naughty with her darling stepdaughter... Or not naughty enough!

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