Family Spa Day - Mommy's Girl

Channel: Mommy's Girl

Little Puck and her wife Danielle Renae tell their stepdaughter Chloe Surreal that they have a surprise for her. The wives usually work staggered schedules, but today they're both taking the whole day off so they can spend quality time together with Chloe. The wives explain that they're going to enjoy an at-home spa day with Chloe, as a way for them to all relax and bond. Chloe is delighted to have a special day with BOTH of her stepmoms. As Little Puck leaves to change into a bathrobe, Danielle lingers behind to talk to Chloe.As Danielle speaks privately with Chloe, it is revealed that they are secretly lovers. Danielle tells Chloe that they can't risk getting frisky while Little Puck is around. Chloe promises to behave, but sneakily crosses her fingers behind her back. Danielle then leaves to get changed, and Little Puck comes back. Little Puck then has a private conversation with Chloe that reveals they are ALSO secretly lovers, and need to avoid getting frisky around Danielle. Chloe promises with her fingers crossed again.A short time later, all three of them get together to begin their spa day. As they do various beauty treatments and relaxing activities, Chloe finds an opportunity to get frisky with Danielle right under Little Puck's nose... then finds a way to get frisky with Little Puck while Danielle is oblivious. Chloe naughtily keeps going back and forth between the two wives, until eventually Chloe finds a way to pleasure both wives at the same time without them noticing.But when both wives end up feeling so good that they moan at the same time, Chloe is caught in the act! The wives are shocked and upset by the betrayals, but Chloe smooths things over, saying that sure, the wives were being... a bit unfaithful... but their intentions with this spa day were good. Chloe points out that the wives really DID want to spend time together as a family, and Chloe was the one who went and ruined that. The wives' expressions soften a little, and Chloe says that they can all come together as a family, in their own SPECIAL way... by having a super hot threesome!