Our Girl's All Grown Up, Scene #01 - Mommy's Girl

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Leah Lee is in her bedroom writing in her diary. It's her 18th birthday and she's excited. Meanwhile, her two stepmoms, Cory Chase and Nadia White, are adorning the living room with lots of balloons and other decorations for the occasion. Cory asks if they've gone overboard with the decorating, but Nadia insists it's fine, because this is an EXTRA special birthday for Leah.When Leah sees the decorations, she is thrilled that Cory and Nadia went through so much effort. The stepmoms put a birthday tiara and sash on Leah, and all three of them gush about how happy they are to be a family. Leah then begins flirting with them, and mentions something about a family tradition.It's revealed that Nadia's family has a tradition that includes having sex with stepdaughters when they turn 18, so the stepdaughters will feel empowered and ready to face the world. Leah, Cory, and Nadia have been excitedly waiting for this day. The two stepmoms lovingly kiss Leah, then explore her breasts, and give her 18 spanks to celebrate her adulthood. And that's just the beginning of this very special tradition!

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