A Good, Stern Talking-To, Scene #01 - Mommy's Girl

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sitting business, and although Jane greatly appreciates London's support, there is one recurring problem. Jane has received countless complaints of London flirting with her customers' husbands and dressing inappropriately while walking the dogs. London defends herself, insisting that she is just a friendly person and would NEVER act unprofessionally. Jane, however, disagrees and mentions how she even feels like London is flirting with HER sometimes when they're at home. Jane goes on to talk about how inappropriate that is, but lets slip that she actually kind of likes it, admitting that she has feeling for her stepmom. London is surprised, but shares that she actually has been feeling the same way towards Jane. Both agreeing that they want each other, they cast their business affairs aside, kissing and touching each other. They have sensual, lesbian sex, allowing for themselves a steamy dip into the sexual fantasy they've left simmering for so long.

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