Licking Tongues And Tasting Pussies - Lesbea

Channel: Lesbea

Lily and Viktoria kiss slowly and sensually, their lips linger together, sticking and gently pulling apart. Lily sucks on Viktoria's tongue allowing the sensation of pulling firmly on it to arouse her. Viktoria is turned on in response, gazing searchingly into Lily's eyes as they feel what is about to happen. Throughout this foreplay the girls are in almost constant and very intimate contact, they show how they are clearly very comfortable in each other's arms. As Lily kisses her partner's neck and Viktoria kisses on Lily's legs the foreplay takes on a more seductive nature, the girls surrounding themselves to each other and their desires. When the girls sit up we can see Lily's body, her nipples show through her slightly see-through top in a most arousing way, Viktoria enjoys feeling them, over her top and then sliding a hand underneath, slowly revealing them and their form is magnificent. Lily explores Viktoria some more, undressing her and probing around her panties, before licking and savouring the wetness, which glistens on the surface of her vagina before penetrating with her fingers and looking at Viktoria as she rubs her clitoris stimulating herself to an orgasm just as she likes it. When Viktoria chews on Lily's pussy, we are treated to the sight of her labia tightly surrounding her lips, plump fleshy walls which frame Viktoria's hungry mouth.