Devious Lesbian Gets Her Asian Babe - Lesbea

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56145 - Devious doesn't even begin to describe sexy lesbian villain Alessa Savage, who will stop at nothing to get her woman. After catching a glimpse of stunning Asian babe Katana jogging on a popular hiking trail, Alessa heads out in her best mourning attire, armed with flowers, a picture of a "deceased" lover, and her most expensive handkerchief, then puts on her best fake cry. When sweetheart Katana catches the sneaky alt-chick sobbing next to what looks like a memorial site, she picks her up in her arms and carries her back to her house to comfort her. But when Katana leaves the room to get the grieving beauty a glass of water, Alessa strips down to her naughty black lingerie, and prepares to give instruction to her rescuer, and make her submit to a session with a high-powered vibrator that Alessa just happens to have in her purse...

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Download this from Lesbea