You'll Never Go Back! - Girlsway

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Emma Hix and Bella Rolland, two friends, are curled up on the couch watching a rom-com together. Emma is thoroughly enjoying herself while Bella bites her tongue every step of the way. When the movie is over and Emma is gushing about how romantic the guy was, Bella can't help but to poke fun at her. Bella can't understand how Emma doesn't find being with women even MORE romantic! After all, women smell nice, have soft skin...Emma is flustered, insisting that women are lovely but just not for her! When Bella challenges her on if she's even kissed a woman before, Emma admits to having done so once, although her world didn't change because of it. Encouraged by the news, Bella dares Emma to kiss HER. Although Emma resists at first, she claims that even if she kisses Bella, it won't turn her into a lesbian. Bella wants Emma to prove it, so Emma finally gives in and shares a kiss.Despite her initial protests, when Bella dares Emma to kiss her again, she gives in much more quickly. The kisses linger, growing more passionate until the dare reaches a whole new level as they begin to undress each other. It's not long before Emma surrenders to Bella, relishing her lesbian experience as Bella gives her pleasure she's never dreamed of! As Bella plays with her breasts and goes down on her pussy, Emma will never be able to look at rom-coms the same way ever again!