Wife's Special Arrangement, Scene #01 - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

Violet Starr is looking forward to a romantic evening with her wife, chatting with her on the phone, but then is disappointed when her wife has to work late -- AGAIN. That's when Violet's eyes fall on a nearby piggy bank as she smugly puts a coin into it. She announces to her wife that the piggy bank is full, which means she gets to have a little unrestrained fun. Of course, this is something that they agreed on previously, so Violet's good to go!After she hangs up, Violet thoughtfully toys with her wedding ring a little before pocketing it.A little while later, Violet comes home with another woman, Skye Blue. The air is charged as they feel each other up, getting hot and heavy. But Skye accidentally discovers the wedding ring, confronting Violet about it. Violet sheepishly admits that she's married andthat she and her wife have a... special arrangement. Every time her workaholic wife works late and leaves her alone, they put a coininto a piggy bank, like a swear jar. Now the piggy bank is full, which means she has permission from her wife to cheat!Skye is shocked and a bit nervous about being with a married woman, but Violet assures her that everything is really okay. It's clear they BOTH need some relief -- does Skye REALLY want to give up now when they have PERMISSION to have fun??