Take A Hike, Scene #01 - Girlsway

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Teen lesbian couple, Zoey Paige and Natalie Heart are taking a warm afternoon hike in the woods when they decide to stop and rest a bit for a picnic. Spreading out the blanket, Natalie unpacks some sweet strawberries to share with her gorgeous blonde girlfriend. After feeding each other some sweet fruit, the girls begin to hunger for something else. Stripping out of their clothes the girls take turns hungrily sucking and licking each other's sweet flesh, the little buds of their nipples, and slowly taking in each other's bodies. It's not long before Natalie begins to go to work on what she truly desires to eat, the yummy shaved pussy of her beautiful blonde girlfriend. As Zoey watches her dark haired darling girlfriend lick her up and down, paying special attention to her clit, she gently pinches and plays with her small teen breasts and their ever hardening nipples. Placing her on her knees, Natalie doesn't take long to bring her girlfriend to orgasm, the intense pleasure of her insistent tongue finally driving her over the edge, Zoey's ass pushing back and her sweet wet hole swallowing Natalie's tongue. Now Zoey wants to return the favor, laying on her back, she has Natalie straddle her face and lower her tight teen shaved lips down directly onto her waiting tongue. Natalie begins to gently finger Zoey's still pulsing pleasure hole while her lover licks every inch of her wet slit. Natalie rides her face, bucking her hips and gently fucking her lesbian girlfriend's mouth. Gripping Zoey's milky white thighs, Natalie begins to cum, sweet juices dripping out of her pussy and down over her girlfriends lips. Young pussy is surely the best thing to bring along for a picnic.