Supernaturally Stacked: Disappearing Act - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

Hadley Mason is in her bedroom, looking annoyed. She's on her phone with her friend, saying, 'I was SO excited about meeting my brother's new girlfriend tonight at dinner, but, like usual, he was a dick the entire time. Yeah, I did some magic tricks, what does THAT have to do with anything? ...Hey, that's not cool, you know how serious I am about it. I guess it doesn't matter, though, because he made me look so foolish in front of her...'There is a knock on the door and Hadley says she has to go. She sits up and raises her voice, saying that if it's her loser brother, she doesn't want to see him. The door opens and Skylar Snow peeks in, saying that it's his loser girlfriend instead. Hadley immediately softens and says that she isn't a loser -- okay, well, maybe she IS a little because she's dating her brother, of all guys. Skylar giggles and shrugs, saying that he's all right. She then asks if she could come in. Hadley says sure and invites her further into the room.Skylar says that she stopped by Hadley's room to apologize for her boyfriend. Hadley says Skylar doesn't need to apologize. Hadley's 19 and Skylar has to be the same, right? Yeah, she is, Skylar confirms. So, they're both grown-ass women that don't need to be making excuses for his poor manners. Skylar admits that she liked the magic tricks and asks Hadley to show her more. Hadley also admits to being a lesbian, which seems to get Skylar a bit flustered.Hadley changes into her magician's outfit. Skylar's eyes widen, and she looks aroused. She says Hadley looks wonderful! Hadley thanks her, proud of the praise, then puts on a performance.The first trick is a card trick. During the course of the trick, it's revealed that Skylar picked the two of hearts. Hadley completes the trick, then teasingly says, 'Two of hearts, eh? If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were giving me some kind of sign!' Skylar is embarrassed and tries to deny this, but it isn't overly convincing.When Hadley pulls off her second trick, the illusion of a straight paperclip bending, Skylar playfully calls her out on it, saying, 'You're not straight at all!' Hadley grins and says she knows she's not, what about Skylar??For the next trick, Hadley announces that she's going to make a coin disappear and reappear. Hadley snaps her fingers and the coin in her hand disappears. A moment later, Hadley boldy reaches between Skylar's cleavage and pulls out the coin. When the girls are close to each other like this, there seems to be a spark. Swept-up in the moment, they lean in and kiss each other passionately. Hadley's about to perform her most impressive trick yet: making Skylar's clothes disappear! Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, IggyEgo!