Secret Diary, Scene #01 - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

Lea writes in her diary every single day. Sometimes she likes to go back weeks and read about how far she's come in the last while. It makes her horny thinking of all the boys and girls she's been crushing on and how it made her feel to masturbate when the fantasy was new and exciting. Lea's purple candles emit the most erotic scent into her room and their soft light caresses the gentle curves of her soft skin. Lea peels off her top and bra and kicks off her soft lacy panties that match the color of her candles with a playful kick. As she falls into her fantasy she begins to rub her shaved young pussy. Her long brunette hair is tickling the skin of her soft breasts along with her palms. Lea continues to touch her clit and breasts to get her all natural girl juice flowing.As the fantasy grows stronger she lifts her long slender teen legs above her body, accessing her shaved pussy from behind her legs. The pleasure grows faster and more heated as she is masturbating and she eventually reaches a sensual orgasm letting free soft moans of pleasure. She doesn't forget to thank her diary for the inspiration!