Running Time, Scene #01 - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

Leila is jogging. She stops for a moment to stretch but, she leaves her water bottle behind. Meanwhile, sitting reading a magazine is Uma who notices the bottle, and runs after Leila to give it back. Leila is relieved, and takes a sip. The water is accidentally dropped onto Leila's soft chest and top. Uma decides to follow her and they end up at her place because they hit it off instantly. Leila hasn't had a foot rub in a long time so Uma offers to give her one. Showing off just a bit Leila shows Uma how she performs reflexology with her warm mouth. Leila kisses Uma and they are both into her plan instantly. The sexual tension was intense, and now they are taking full advantage of their time together.They love each other's tits. They feel each other through their tops, undress and suck, bite and lick at each other's soft and chewy nipples. Their hands caress one another's torso and chest. Uma takes off Leila's track pants to throw them to the floor, a good place for them. Uma re-positions herself behind Leila to get her fingers down Leila's panties as if she were masturbating herself. Uma gives Leila a taste of her bald pussy with her fingers and continues to make out with her as she makes her way to Leila's shaved pussy. Uma licks furiously at Leila's tender fruit and rips off her panties and using her fingers to separate Leila's labia she sticks her tongue deeper inside. Leila breathes more heavily with each lick and her moans and heavy breathing prove that she's enjoying every second of Uma's tongue and hand. Uma shakes Leila's peach with her four fingers before going back to eating her out. By now Leila is enjoying every moment and the pleasure rises like the temperature in a furnace. Instantly Leila is cumming and with a deep held breath she releases her intense orgasm with Uma's fingers deep inside her. Leila's leg muscles shudder and she has finally achieved a mind-blowing orgasm. With one thing on her mind Leila works at undressing Uma, peeling off her top and panties. Uma positions herself beneath Leila, who climbs on top of her sitting on her face. Leila is eating out Uma in a sixty-nine position and sucking Uma's fresh fruit and clit like pommegranite seeds from their shell. As Uma gets closer to cumming, Leila re-positions her onto her knees to access her shaved pussy with her fingers. As if by accident, Leila's fingers are already deep inside Uma's pussy thrusting in and out with the momentum of 10 runners. Making sure Uma doesn't move too much, Leila holds her body tight and increases the speed of her strong fingers. Uma holds her moans and cries of intense pleasure for the longest time while she's experiencing her orgasm. The girls fall a top of one another in a heap of burning after glow. What a welcome activity for these girls, fueled by pure sexual energy, Certainly a scene neither they nor you will forget soon.