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Stevie had just finished up with her client and met up with her fellow masseuse Brynn. Stevie tells Brynn about how terrible her last client was and how stressed she is over it and Brynn offers to give her a massage to help relax her. Stevie takes her up on the offer and as Brynn massages her Stevie comments on how great Brynn's new tits look. Brynn tells her they are still a little sore and asks Stevie to rub them. Stevie starts rubbing Brynn's amazing tits and soon the girls are kissing and rubbing each other's sexy bodies. Brynn slides a finger into Stevie's pussy and finger fucks her until she cums then she crawls on top of her in a hot 69 and let's Stevie eat her pussy while she lick's Stevie and makes her cum again. It is the perfect end to a stressful day.