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Danni's friends recommended that she try this massage parlor so she made an appointment and told her masseuse Dianna that she wanted a Swedish massage. Dianna took one look at the sexy Danni and had something else in mind. She had her strip naked and started rubbing her body. Danni was a little self-conscious being naked, but the massage felt really good. Dianna got aggressive as she moved her hands up inside Danni's tender inner thighs. Dianna offered to get naked herself to help relax Danni. Danni wasn't sure if that would help, but once Dianna had her clothes off Danni found herself going from behind nervous to being turned on. She relaxed and let things go as Dianna slid first her hand then her tongue up to tease Danni's pussy. Danni started moaning with pleasure as she got her pussy licked. Dianna took it one step further when she went to her bag of tricks, pulled out a nice big dildo and drove it deep into Danni's tight pussy. She came so hard she nearly fell off the massage table.