Primavera, Scene #01 - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

Stunning young Mira is as beautiful and delicate as a flower. Her skin so soft and smooth like it's petals, her long luscious legs like the stem, her gorgeous onyx hair like the leaves, she truly is a natural work of art. Laying on her white couch and taking off her bra, she gently caresses her breast, rolling a nipple around between her fingers. Sliding off her panties she reveals a perfectly shaved little pussy, her womanly flower as beautiful as any other. Gingerly she begins to tease the sensitive bud of her clit and the lusty teen's body rises and falls, undulating as pleasure and passion begin to flow through her like a soft breeze. As she toys between her legs with one hand, her free one wanders her body, over the soft mounts of her breasts, caressing her thighs like a lover would, appreciating every curve on the landscape of her body. Sliding her fingers inside of her and coating them with her sweet dew, Mira begins to rub and roll her clit more intently, the pleasure causing her to dig her nails gently into her thigh to balance out the intensity. With her chest heaving and moans floating through the air, Mira's orgasm blossom's inside of her, flowing outward and filling her teen body with unspeakable pleasure.