Polaroid Memories, Scene #01 - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

Mia Manarote has been looking through a bunch of old stuff she's been keeping in her desk. She comes across some books, papers and even a rock. She needs to decide what she'll keep and what she should throw away. She stumbles across an old polaroid of herself with a girlfriend when they were topless! Mia remembers the night it was taken fondly. She was with her friend and they thought it would be fun to be naughty and pull up their tops to take a topless pic of themselves. The memory of that night becomes clearer than clear as Mia finds herself removing her clothes just like that night. Only this time she goes even further when her panties quickly come off. She takes advantage of her newly scant state and begins to rub her soft teen pussy to make it nice a wet and ready for her fingers. Her hands glide over her supple skin up to her soft nipples and back to her sweet hole. Now it's time for her fingers to make their big entrance. Two of the frisky fingers find their way deep inside the teen's shaved pussy hitting all the right spots. Mia knows right where she likes them to touch her pink parts. She quickly switches positions landing on her side. This is a position she knows best for easy access. Some of the sexiest sounds are cried from her mouth during her horny self-exploration. You can hear her slick fingers moving inside her wet pussy and the sound of her moans pair perfectly. As Mia gets hornier by the minute the pleasure becomes more exciting. Finally she is thrust into a state of heavy breathing and the memory of being nude in public sets her into overdrive while experiencing her personal orgasm to it's full extent.