Playgirl, Scene #01 - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

Lusty Young Mira is blowing up some balloons for a party when it dawns on her, just how long it's been since she's had something long, round, and hard in her hands. She's got some time before the party starts and she decides to to have a little party all on her own. Slipping out of her oversized t-shirt, she reveals some stunning coral colored panties and bra that she intended to wear to the party, she'll just have to put them back on again later. Sliding into bed, Mira slowly strips out of her lingerie and begins to caress every inch of her gorgeous young body. The curves of her breasts, the arch of her neck, down over her hips to the delicious tan lines that frame her tight, shaved pussy. Gently fingering her clit, she's surprised at how sensitive she is, it really has been too long since she's been with a man. Rolling around in bed, Mira just can't get enough of the intense sensations flowing through her as her hands continue to rain pleasure down upon her. Sliding fingers in and out, spreading the wetness over her perfect lips and clit, her moans fill her bedroom and lost deep in her fantasy, she can almost feel your touch as she gets closer and closer to climax. It's getting close to party time and she knows she's got to cum soon. Mira focuses on the thought of your tongue between her legs, finger gently pushing in and out of her tight, wet hole, and it's just what she needs to push her over the edge. Her hips thrust up against her finger, rubbing her clit hard, her orgasm races through her young body. Now that she's had her fun, it's time for the real party to begin.