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Elaina was in town for a few days and decided to relax with a massage from this parlor a friend of hers suggested. When she arrived Rayveness took her to the room and began the rubdown with some hot oils. Her hands were strong as she worked Elaina's body. As she started massaging Elaina's ass Elaina got a little nervous, but Rayveness was able to easily calm her down. As she rolled Elaina over onto her back she asked for a towel to cover her boobs with, but instead Rayveness went to work rubbing and massaging them. It felt so good Elaina no longer cared that she was fully nude. Rayveness worked her way down Elaina's body, spread her legs and licked her pussy. Elaina started rubbing on Rayveness as she licked pussy so Rayveness stripped naked then went back to work using her tongue on Elaina's wet slice until she had an intense orgasm right there on the massage table.