Open My Chakras - Girlsway

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Victoria Voxxx is no ordinary masseuse, imbuing her practice with a certain zen quality. After cleansing her space and offering some words of gratitude to the Universe, she welcomes in her next client: Serene Siren. Serene's just finished an extra-long shift at the hospital, working as a nurse and looking over countless patients. Needless to say, she's totally exhausted. Luckily for her, however, Victoria knows exactly what she needs. From the moment Serene walked in, Victoria could tell just by looking at her aura that Seren's energy has been severely depleted. She spends all day nurturing others but she's neglected to nurture herself. Well, this is Serene's time to get pampered, and Victoria promises to give her a sensual massage that is sure to open up those tightly-wound chakras of hers.But as Victoria runs her hands over Seren's perfect skin, she can't help but want to give her more. This woman works so hard, so she deserves to feel the maximum amount of pleasure before going back out into the harsh world. So, after opening up a couple of her chakras, Victoria opens up Serene's legs and starts licking her clit, getting her nice and wet. Before long, the two of them start having sensual, erotic sex, and it's just what Serene needs to feel rested and rejuvenated.