My Sugar Daddy - Girlsway

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Victoria has some lower back pain so she makes an appointment for a massage and is met when she arrives by the lovely Rayveness. Rayveness asks her how she plans to pay for the services she will be getting and Victoria tells her that she has a sugar daddy that takes care of whatever she needs. The two women retire to the massage room. Victoria strips and gets comfortable on the table as Rayveness goes to work on her body. With Rayveness's hands running up and down her body Victoria gets a little nervous as her hands make their way up Victoria's inner thighs. Rayveness relaxes her and tells her that this is all part of the massage. Victoria relaxes and surrenders her body, letting the talented masseuse work her magic. Rayveness takes things to the next level as she spreads Victoria's legs open and starts eating her pussy. Victoria is so turned on by that she reaches around, grabbing for Rayveness's naughty parts to return the favor. As the girls settle in and start licking each other the pain in Victoria's back fades away and is forgotten.