My Biology Exam, Scene #01 - Girlsway

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Liona Levi is hope from school, but she's not done! She has a lot of studying to do and her teddy bear is feeling just a bit jealous. She assures him she still loves him more than her biology textbook. Liona is curious to see how her own biology works first hand. The petite teen strips off her shorts and panties and begins by exploring her shaved pussy. She spreads her labia wide open to get a closer look. As she moves to the couch she turns the mirror around so she can see everything she's doing. More than just educational, the experience makes little Liona nice and horny. She uses her forefinger to rub her tiny clit and get her self wet. She continues to rub herself writhing in pleasure in order to generate a rhythm that is meant to satisfy her entirely. She moves herself onto her knees and continues to masturbate with two hands this time. She rubs her fingers across her clit so gently but with just the right amount of pressure to feel tingly inside. The amount of pleasure grows more heavy as she continues.Now, Liona is up onto her feet, and the rhythm to which the fingers are fondling her young pussy has increased. Her gentle moans are a perfect clue to how well Liona knows her soft young body. The pleasant feeling she gets from rubbing herself gets more intense with every rub and finally she's experiencing a mind-altering orgasm fit for a queen who's perched in her bay window.