Love Chat, Scene #01 - Girlsway

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Blonde beauty Vanda has been chatting with her boyfriend online while he's away on vacation, she misses him so badly. The conversation's gotten a bit heated and if Vanda Lust can't have her man pleasure her, she'll take the next best thing, her hand rubbing her perfect pink shaved pussy. Sliding off her robe, the only other thing covering her body other than some cute striped knee high socks, the slim blonde teen starts to caress her body just like her lover would. Hands gently caressing her small tanned breasts, sliding down over her hips, pausing at her hip bones, wishing it was her man grabbing them just before he pushes inside of her agonizingly tight teen pussy. After rubbing her clit for a while, she's aching to cum, desperately wishing it wasn't her hands doing all the work. Turning to her side, Vanda closes her hands around her hand, this is her favorite way to be taken by a man. Legs closed tight and using her slim legs and hips for leverage as he thrusts deep inside of her. Sadly all she's got are her fingers, but she's an expert at using them. Using her palm to rub her clit around as she pushes two fingers inside of her, Vanda rolls her hips around and soon is lost in her orgasm, fantasy and reality blurring, she swears she can feel her boyfriends hands bringing her to orgasm. After she's come down from the high that her pleasure has brought her, she hops back online to tell her man all about it.