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Serene Siren and her secretary, Kenna James, have been having a secret affair in their office for months. Siren is the CEO of a powerful company and a successful independent lesbian. Kenna is shy, conservative, and leading a double life with an unknowing husband at home. But now their company has shifted to virtual working and this has left the lovers in a real bind. Serene expects to still have her needs met, even if they cannot physically touch, whereas Kenna is torn between extreme horniness for her boss and her nervousness about getting caught! This all boils over one day as they connect for their daily conference call. During the course of this conversation, Kenna tries to stay professional while Serene keeps dropping innuendos and trying to loosen her lover up. Kenna tries her best to resist but can't help showing a little skin.Finally, it reaches a breaking point when Kenna hears her husband in the other room. She excuses herself, calling back soon after. She apologizes profusely, saying that she sent her husband out to try and find some toilet paper so they could finally be alone. Pleased that Kenna seems more relaxed now, Serene asks her to do a little striptease for her and becomes more and more excited as she watches Kenna, even starting to touch herself. Suddenly, Kenna hears a knock on the door and, panicking, she mutes the video and leaves the screen. Serene looks very annoyed and tries to say something...but hangs up once she realizes she's been muted.Kenna calls back one final time, wearing a robe. Serene is angry and doesn't appreciate being kept waiting, especially during office hours. She curtly reminds Kenna that even though she is at home, she is still at work. Kenna apologizes and tries to get back into sexy mode with her boss, but Serene pouts. Kenna, smiling because she knows her boss is a little jealous, reassures Serene that her husband just forgot his wallet and will be gone for hours. She playfully removes her robe to show her naked body and this snaps Serene back into a good mood. Kenna submissively asks what her boss would like her to do today. Serene licks her lips and grins, ready to put her secretary through her paces.After all, this lady boss knows that working remotely is no excuse for slacking off!