Indecent Daydream, Scene #01 - Girlsway

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Anita has been sitting around in her undies all day cutting out pictures of her ideal guy. She imagines having sex with all of them in her indecent daydream, since she can't decide on just one! She imagines a whole day full of wonderful surprises at the fair ground with all of these great guys. The dates she's dreamed up with these guys just ends up making her hot and horny. Anita rips off her shirt and her thong exposing her soft young pussy. She gently caresses the inside of her tight hole with her fingers while palming her soft chewy nipples. The fantasy almost becomes too much as her imagination gets the best of her as her penetrating fingers get more and more frisky. They find their way deeper inside her shaved pussy stimulating more and more of her young hole with every thrust.She flips onto her knees, and the fantasy gets more heated, as she imagines each and every one of her cut out men thrusting their massive cocks inside her. The equally powerful and indecent fantasy becomes exactly what Anita was looking for as she releases multiple cries of orgasmic pleasure.