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Anne and her boyfriend were on vacation when they got in a car accident. Anne was a little sore and shook up so her boyfriend took her to get a nice relaxing massage. Carolyn meets them and takes Anne into the room. She gets her nice and comfortable on the table and goes to work on her tense body. As she relaxes Anne, Carolyn tells her that the massage includes a breast and pussy massage. Carolyn isn't from here so she believes every word of it. She has no idea that Carolyn is just turned on by her and wants to fuck her. Carolyn starts licking Anne's pussy then crawls on top of her to get into a hot 69 with her. Anne is so into it that she eats Carolyn's pussy then cums hard as Carolyn licks her clit. It felt amazing, but one orgasm was not going to be enough to fully relax Anne.