Holy Matri-Moly! Mothers Of The Bride - Girlsway

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Silvia Saige and Serene Siren, a married couple, are excitedly putting on the finishing touches for their daughter's wedding day. They look at each other affectionately, each complimenting the other on how beautiful they look. Silvia mentions that she HOPES she looks good, she has to look her best when she walks their daughter down the aisle and gives her away. This statement causes Serene to raise her eyebrows, puzzled. Wait a minute...she thought SHE was giving their daughter away? Serene says. Silvia says the same thing. They have a polite back and forth for a moment, each insisting that it was an unspoken understanding that SHE would be the one.This back and forth leads to a heated argument between them as they try to establish who was more involved in their daughter's life growing up. Things get SO heated, in fact, that it turns into an all out catfight!Silvia and Serene are consumed by jealousy as they tear each other's dresses off. It'd be hard to walk someone down the aisle naked, right? But this backfires on them. Overcome with the adrenaline and energy of the moment, they embrace, kissing passionately, their hands caressing every inch of their supple bodies.These mothers of the bride will do ANYTHING to walk their beloved daughter down the aisle!