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Dani was stressed out and decided to try this massage parlor after her boyfriend recommended it. When she gets there she thinks her masseuse Sasha looks familiar, but she can't place her. Dani gets naked and lays down on the bed so that Sasha can go to work on her. As Sasha rubs her down from head to toe she explains that she likes to get know her clients intimately and can help them relax on several different levels. She then strips off her clothes and starts licking Dani's nipple. Dani doesn't tell her to stop. she lets her continue her work and enjoys the sensation. Sasha slides her tongue down Dani's body and licks her sweet pussy then she gets out a dildo and slowly eases it into Dani's dripping wet love hole. Dani cums hard all over the toy then lays Sasha down on the massage table to return the favor. The next time she comes here she is bringing her boyfriend for a very hot couple's massage.