Getting Her Client Off - Girlsway

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Lindsey Cruz... has a little problem. Every time she sees a hot woman, she gets horny as hell and can't resist masturbating -- no matter where she is! But the last time she did this, in a restaurant, she was caught... which is why she's now waiting in an interrogation room for her lawyer to show up.When her lawyer, Abigail Mac, shows up, Lindsey knows she's in SERIOUS trouble. Not just because Abigail is a lawyer but because she's a GORGEOUS lawyer. Although Lindsey's trying to take everything seriously, she can't help but to idly touch herself as Abigail tries to get all the facts straight.As Lindsey tells Abigail more and more erotic details, the air between them becomes charged. By the time Abigail asks Lindsey to demonstrate HOW she touched herself, they are about ready to jump each other. Since this is a very serious matter, Abigail insists that Lindsey will have to work hard to prove that she's a good girl... and Lindsey is happy to oblige!Although Abigail starts things off with a simple kiss, it isn't long before they're both stripped down and eating out each other's pussies while splayed along the interrogation table. As they work through the case together, can Lindsey convince Abigail that she really IS a good girl?Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Dashel_Jamison1!