Final Exam Practice - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

Charley has been taking courses to become a massage therapist. She is about to take her final exam and is very nervous. She invites her friend Lilly over so that she can practice her massage techniques on her to get ready for the final. Charley has Lilly get fully nude then she starts the massage using oils to rub all over her body. She finishes her back and has Lilly roll over so she can do the front. Charley massages her arms and legs then starts rubbing her tits and pussy. Lilly is a little nervous about this, but Charley explains that this is part of the normal massage and is included in her training. She then spreads Lilly's legs and starts licking her pussy. Lilly really gets into it so as Charley rolls her over onto all fours she sticks her ass out and lets Charley eat her pussy from behind until she cums. Charley then asks if Lilly would be willing to return the favor to help her better relax and get ready for her test.