Couple's Counseling - Girlsway

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Madison Missina and Jessie Lee Pierce, a married couple, look tense as they step into the living room together. They're on the verge of separating and have just returned home from couple's counseling. Jessie Lee thinks the session went well, but Madison is skeptical.They work on their therapy homework together, which is to find a shared item of sentimental value. Madison is still resistant to the whole thing, though she IS trying, which seems to give them both a bit of hope.They begin looking around the living room for something that sparks joy for both of them. They discuss a couple of items, however, it proves to be difficult because what holds sweet memories for one wife seems to hold sour memories for the other. There doesn't seem to be one singular thing that brings pleasure to both of them, which causes tensions to rise again.After failing to find a sentimental item, Jessie Lee thinks it means that they're not right for each other. After one more look, they realize that the item's been right in front of them the whole time: their pool table, one of the first things they bought together as a couple and the one thing they've never fought over.Bonding over the memory of the night they brought the pool table home, Madison tells Jessie Lee how much she means to her, which moves Jessie Lee. They cuddle up to each other, playfully nuzzling into each other's bodies. This soon leads to a comforting kiss that gradually deepens as the flame is rekindled.Looks like couple's counseling is working...