Can't Escape Their Past - Girlsway

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Bunny Colby is looking forward to a fun day at an escape room with her brother and sister-in-law. When her sister-in-law, Serena Blair, shows up, Bunny begins to get nervous. It's not like her husband to be late for an escape room, since they love these games so much... and being around Serena is awkward, to say the least. Unfortunately, when the game master tells them they'll have to start now or risk losing their slot, Bunny and Serena nervously agree to play alone together.Once they're locked away together, they begin to solve puzzles to try and find the key to break free. As they brush their bodies close while performing tasks, the sexual tension between them builds. They both have been hiding something for so long that they're in danger of bursting. Finally, Serena can't stand it anymore and wants them to confront their past. Bunny is still nervous, not wanting to think about how they had a fling once and that she hasn't stopped thinking about Serena ever since...Serena is both surprised and not surprised by the revelation. While neither one of them wants to hurt Bunny's husband, they know that they can't keep tip-toeing around each other. It's only going to lead to heartache for everyone! To remedy this, they drop everything and finally give each other the attention they've been been craving for so long.As Bunny and Serena go down on each other, eager to taste each other's pussies after so long, it seems like they're finally on the verge of escaping their own self-made escape room!