Can I Use Your Phone?, Scene #01 - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

Lawyer Lola is in a pickle. She's on vacation, but when a brilliant young laywer gets ideas she needs to work. She's had a really shitty day, first the wifi at the cabin isn't working do she has to go into town to find a caf?. On the way back her pone dies, and just her luck, she crashes into a tree. Poor Lola. Masseuse, Abigail has a day off today which turns out to be really lucky for Lola. They say when the worst happens your luck turns around in an instant! When Lola approaches Abigail's beautiful mountain getaway, Abigail vows to help poor Lola whether she wants it or not. Lola's stressed out, and Abigail realizes straight away. She is persistent while trying to help Lola calm down and as soon as Lola's done on the phone Abigail helps her out of her clothes, and helps her release some tension from the stress of her day. Lola helps Abigail with some tension too...