Body Swap! 2: A Mother's Love - Girlsway

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The next morning, Emily Willis and Ember Snow (swapped into each other's bodies) talk to each other on the phone. Since the swap hasn't reversed itself on its own, they agree to meet at the library and research it. Maybe something similar has happened before to someone else, and there will be some kind of documented explanation of the phenomenon or a way to fix it.But after researching for hours, the girls have found nothing when librarian Lauren Phillips comes by to check on them. She is carrying a stack of books and sets them down on the table for a moment. She`s pleasantly surprised to see the girls getting along.When Lauren leaves, the girls notice that she has left a book behind. The girls look at the book (a book on spellcraft) and realize that someone has cast a spell on them. They discover a riddle in the book that explains how to reverse the spell. The girls read the riddle aloud in unison: For those who'd seek to break the spell,Behold these words and heed them well:A love of self that's full to burst,A true love's kiss to the one who's cursed,A selfless act, a friend come first,With these, you'll find your fate reversed.As they try to figure out the riddle, Emily (in-Ember's-body) admits that she fucked her step-sister Gia Paige. The girls then get into a fight. After Emily (in-Ember's-body) storms off, Ember (in-Emily's-body) seems to get an idea, saying ``Maybe if I solve this for both of us, it'll count as the 'selfless act' from the riddle... so all I gotta do is get a true love's kiss...so who loves Emily the most? Hmmm, I think I know JUST the person.``Thinking it will reverse the spell, Ember (in-Emily's-body) pays a visit to Emily`s stepmom, Dana DeArmond. It takes some convincing, but Dana is ultimately powerless to resist the seductive charm of 18-year old Ember (in-Emily's-body). The two collide in a steamy kiss.But Ember is about to find out that Emily`s life isn't as perfect as she thought it was...