Body Swap! 1: The Ol' Switcheroo - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

Emily Willis' eyes flutter open after a night of slumber. She yawns and gets out of bed. Her room is very nice and clean. She clearly lives a comfortable, wealthy life. Emily goes to sit by her mirror and begins to hum a tune to herself as she combs her hair in the mirror. Meanwhile, Ember Snow's eyes flutter open after her night of rest. She yawns and gets out of bed. In stark contrast to Emily's room, Ember's bedroom is shabby and cheap looking. She is clearly not wealthy. Ember slips a pair of earbuds into her ear and begins blasting music and dancing a little to the beat as she applies makeup, looking in the mirror. Emily eats breakfast with her stepmom, Dana DeArmond. After chatting about Emily`s stepsister Gia Paige briefly, they change subjects and it becomes obvious that Dana is putting pressure on Emily to be class valedictorian. Emily clearly wants to please her mom, insisting that she'll be headed to the school library before school for a cram session. Ember eats breakfast alone. Her family is never around because they are busy working multiple jobs to support themselves. Ember also wants to be valedictorian. Later that day, at the library, Ember and Emily encounter each other. They clearly do not like each other. When they reach for the same book, it seems like a fight is about to start. Librarian Lauren Phillips notices the scuffle and breaks up the fight. Having seen them fight numerous times, she lectures them, insisting that they should know better, since they're both 18, adding ``Maybe if you both stopped bickering all the time you'd be able to put yourself in the other's shoes and see things from THEIR perspective for a change!``Suddenly Emily and Ember both shiver in unison. Ember, exasperated, shrugs it off, musing aloud that it must be cold in the library. Furious, she storms off. Emily rolls her eyes and gets back to her book.The next morning, Ember gets the shock of a lifetime when she gets up and realizes that she is now in Emily's body!That same morning, Emily gets a shock of her own when SHE gets up to find herself in Ember's body. Ember (in-Emily's-body) eats breakfast with Dana. Even though she is still in shock, Ember (in-Emily's-body) is surprised by how nice the morning in Emily's household is compared to hers.Meanwhile, Emily (in-Ember's-body) is surprised by how much she appreciates the freedom that Ember's empty household affords her. Later that day, the body-swapped girls confront each other. Unsure of what to do, they resolve to see if the situation fixes itself overnight, promising not to mess up the other's life in the meantime.Later, Emily (in-Ember's-body) is surprised when Gia pays a visit. She is shocked to discover that Ember and Gia have been hooking up in secret.Knowing that she can't say anything because Gia will think she's crazy, Emily (in-Ember's-body) reluctantly consents to Gia's advances.Looks like Ember's life is a little more complicated than Emily thought...