Blind Taste Test, Scene #01 - Girlsway

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Three friends - Elena Koshka, Charlotte Stokely, and Aidra Fox - have just had dinner together. As they chat, talk soon turns to their love lives. Charlotte and Aidra have always been very competitive with each other and soon get into an argument about who is the better lover.An idea is proposed to settle who is the better lover: Aidra and Charlotte will both go under the table and take turns eating Elena out, who will then decide who did it better. But the twist is that Elena won't know who is eating her out, so it will be like one of those blind taste tests. After some initial hesitation, Elena agrees.Charlotte and Aidra both go under the table. Charlotte goes first, eating Elena's pussy as Aidra watches, becoming aroused. Aidra is up next, and begins to lick Elena's pussy.Elena seems to be enjoying the expert tongues of BOTH her friends, but can she choose just ONE of them?