Bathroom Battle Royale, Scene #01 - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

Aliya Brynn and Lily Larimar are two teen roommates experiencing some growing pains. It's just that they're both used to having their own space, so sharing the bathroom for the first time is proving to be challenging for them. In fact, it's a point of friction between them and they fight often. Because of this, they decide to finally have an open-door policy where they HAVE to share the bathroom... no matter what.Although they both follow the rules, they still butt heads often. They're always at each other's throats, the tension steadily building between them. But maybe they're feeling some sexual tension as well because of their love-hate relationship??One day, when Lily accidentally walks in on Aliya enjoying a bit of 'alone time,' all of the tension between them boils over. They decide to take out all of their frustrations and lust as they crash together for a heated kiss. They eagerly bury their tongues in each other's pussies as they take each other all over the bathroom. Suddenly, although they normally don't want anything to do with each other, it seems as though they can't get ENOUGH of each other! Maybe now they'll finally be able to get along?