An Evening To Themselves - Girlsway

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It's Mother's Day and Alexis Fawx is sitting on a bed, dressed in sexy lingerie and holding a fresh bouquet of flowers. She's impatiently waiting for her wife, Serene Siren, to come out of the bathroom already, so that they can celebrate their special night! Despite her protests, Serene insists that it'll be worth the wait, although Alexis will be the judge of that.When Serene steps out of the bathroom, wearing sexy lingerie that makes her look like a gift ready to be unwrapped, Alexis is thrilled. As they share a tender kiss, their hearts pound faster, the sheer love between them intensifying. It's been so long since these two moms had some time to themselves and they are going to enjoy every second of it!They start with a heavy makeout session, slowly building up the fire between them both as their hands wander over each other. The sensual kisses soon move on from their lips to other parts of their bodies... The wives relish eating pussy, making each other grasp the bedsheets with delight. As they ravish each other, tribbing like there's no tomorrow, this night is perfect... and far from over! Who knows when they're going to get time to themselves like this again??