Alone With My Yo-Yo, Scene #01 - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

Some day's you've just got nothing to do, after watering the plants and playing with her yo-yo, sweet Silvia James decides to take some time and play with herself. Laying down on her couch, Slivia runs her hands over her perfect, perky teen breasts, her nipples hardening under her touch. Stripping out of her sweatshirt, she begins to focus her attention on her little shaved pussy, waiting patiently beneath some lacy pink panties that contrast nicely with her cute purple knee high socks. It's been a while since she'd last taken the time to pleasure herself, after thinking for a moment; Silvia flips to her knees and gets in the doggystyle position. This is her favorite way for her boyfriend to go down on her, she loves the slight dirty feeling she gets with her little teen ass in the air and a tongue so close to some forbidden pleasure. After toying with her clit for a while and then trying a couple of fingers, sweet Silvia decides to go with the tried and true method to finish the job. Laying on her back she slips two fingers between her soft and shaved pussy lips. Barely pushing them in and out, she gently rubs her g-spot while her hips grind her clit into the palm of her hand. Grabbing one of her perfect little breasts and making love to her hand Slivia begins to cum, she can't stop, her fingers massaging deep inside of her, her hips humping at her hand and into the air, such intense pleasure is coursing through her body, she can't control her moans and whimpers. Finally she comes down from the peak of her orgasm, collapsing back to the couch, she curls up and slips softly off to bed.