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52276 - Ella Knox and Jade Baker, two best friends, are dressed in nightwear and sitting comfortably around each other. Jade thanks Ella for letting her spend the night. Her landlord said the plumbing issue should be fixed the next day. Ella says it's nothing, she's excited for them to hang out. It's been forever since they stayed overnight at each other's place. It reminds her of old times...when they used to do each other's hair...talk about boys...freak each other out with ghost stories. This seems to remind Ella of something. She reaches under the sofa and rummages around, muttering, 'Where is it? I'm SURE I still have it somewhere...'Ella finds an old spirit board and wants them to play it for the nostalgia. Jade is a little more nervous about the game but is convinced to play. The girls set up the board, turning off the lights and lighting candles to create a spookier atmosphere. Jade laments that this whole thing is lame but Ella remains playful, encouraging Jade to get into it as well. With everything set up, they huddle close around the board. They begin playing the game by asking simple questions. 'Is there anyone here with us?' Ella asks. The planchette, with both of their fingers on it, moves to yes. Jade looks suspicious, accusing Ella of moving it. But Ella denies it and goes on to ask the spirit what its name is. The planchette moves to 'U R PRETTY,' with both girls saying the letters, then words, aloud. Ella and Jade eye each other, both looking a bit flustered while Jade sarcastically points out that that's not really a name. They both again swear they're not moving the planchette. Still, they can't help but to cast curious, attracted looks to each other.They continue playing the game, sarcastically thanking the 'spirit' for the compliment. The planchette then moves to 'I WANT 2 LICK UR PUSSY,' with both girls becoming even more flustered as they stare at each other. The tension builds between the two of them, their fingers briefly brushing each other's across the planchette.Jade then becomes bold. She locks eyes with Ella and challenges the spirit to go ahead, then. Ella is impressed by Jade's statement, teasing her about being so cocky around a spirit. She's even more turned on as she bites her bottom lip.The planchette then demands the portal between worlds to be opened by the girls making out. The girls play along and start making out, still thinking that they're being messed with by each other. There is a sudden disturbance in the air around them. Suddenly Maxim Law, a succubus enters the room through an otherworldly portal that materializes in the air.Maxim strikes a strong, confident, and sexy pose as she assesses her surroundings. Her expression is already hungry. She licks her black lips and sniffs the air as her eyes finally settle on Ella and Jade on the floor. Ella and Jade are scared, holding onto each other while scooting back from Maxim.Maxim seductively tells them there's no need to be afraid of her -- they summoned her, after all! She's just looking for a bit of fun! It's been so long since she got to play...'So let's not waste any time. It's obvious you two want a piece of each other, so why deny yourselves any longer? I don't mind being the third wheel in a sexy situation like this,' Maxim says. Maxim slowly grins and seductively announces that she has a way to make them both more comfortable in their own skin so that the sparks can really fly.Maxim blows an enchanted kiss to Ella. When it lands on her lips, Ella looks dreamy and relaxed. 'Maybe we SHOULD just do it, Jade! I've been wanting to make a move for YEARS, but I never had the courage,' Ella says. Jade is taken aback. Did Maxim MAKE Ella say that?? Ella insists that the succubus isn't making her say anything. 'I didn't do anything to her but remove her inhibitions. Now silly things like fear won't stop her from expressing how she REALLY feels. Here, I'll do the same for you,' Maxim adds. Jade doesn't protest as Maxim blows her an enchanted kiss, which lands on her lips. Like Ella, Jade suddenly looks more relaxed, smiling as she turns her attention to Jade.Ella and Jade crash together in a heated kiss, eager to be close and touch each other all over. Maxim grins and watches them for a few moments, then asks if she can join. She then rolls her eyes, coughs loudly and rudely and has to ask again since Ella and Jade are so caught up in each other. The girls breathlessly agree.It's safe to say that Jade and Ella have NO regrets about summoning the sapphic succubus...Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, AndyMudskipper!

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