No Nurse Is Good Nurse, Scene #01 - Girlsway

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74809 - Dixie Lynn is on the phone, telling her friend that she's pretending to be sick so she doesn't have to go to a boring family gathering. Once everyone else leaves for the gathering, Dixie will have the whole house to herself, so she can have as much fun as she wants. Dixie then hears her parent, Rachael Cavalli, entering the room, so Dixie quickly ends the call and goes back to acting like she's sick. Rachael tells Dixie that she called Reagan Foxx, a nurse and family friend, to check on Dixie. Realizing this could ruin her plan, Dixie tries to convince Rachael that she doesn't need a nurse, but Rachael insists it's for the best.After Rachael and the rest of Dixie's family leave for the gathering, Reagan arrives. Dixie starts to fake symptoms, trying to convince Reagan that she only needs rest. However, Reagan is attentive, wanting to do a physical exam. Dixie tries to decline the examination, saying that she's a lesbian so a woman's touch might be a bit much, but gives in after Reagan offers to bring her to the hospital instead.Reagan begins the physical examination but doesn't find anything out of the ordinary. Dixie lies and says that she thinks the problem is with her vagina. Reagan offers to examine that next. Dixie panics and fakes having a fever but when Reagan gets a thermometer, Dixie realizes she'll have to take drastic measures. Dixie starts coming on to Reagan, hoping this will finally get Reagan to go away. However, Reagan is flattered and receptive, so Dixie decides to go with it... after all, Dixie wanted to stay home and have fun, so this definitely counts!

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