Leading Questions, Scene #01 - Girlsway

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71725 - Harley Haze and Silvia Saige are chatting about a recent night out with the girls, reliving the excitement. But the more they chat, the more Harley starts to get the sneaky suspicion that Silvia has the hots for her roommate, Kuleana! Although Harley keeps slyly asking questions to get to the truth, Silvia keeps sheepishly trying to dodge them... until they bring Kuleana into the conversation.Harley starts questioning them both, trying to get them to admit that there is a spark between them. Although both Silvia and Kuleana are shy, the truth is eventually revealed: Silvia and Kuleana are DEFINITELY crushing on each other.Emboldened and feeling mischievous, Harley convinces them to share a kiss to see what will happen. Although Silvia and Kuleana hesitate briefly, their yearning for one another is too strong. When Silvia and Kuleana press their lips together, sparks fly between them... and Harley wants to join!

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Download this from Girlsway