Grand Gesture, Scene #01 - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

sex couples, so Ashley is excited that now she can attend a prom with her girlfriend. Brooklyn, however, is anxious since this will be her coming out.Ashley notices Brooklyn's anxiety, and assures her that they don't HAVE to go together if she's worried about coming out to her school. Though Brooklyn IS nervous, she feels bad since she wants to help Ashley live out her dream of going to prom. Ashley appreciates that, but still doesn't want Brooklyn to have a traumatic experience just for her sake.Brooklyn explains that she would feel bad for chickening out, since coming out is an important moment for her. But Ashley points out that there's no shame in delaying Brooklyn's coming out until she's ready, and Brooklyn ultimately agrees. But rather than go to prom alone, Brooklyn decides to not go at all, opting to make love to Ashley instead.


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