Care Package - Girlsway

Channel: Girlsway

Siri Dahl is near the end of her recovery from a recent hysterectomy, so her best friend Lumi Ray comes over to bring her a much-needed care package. Siri is thrilled to see her friend, and promptly invites her to sit on the couch with her and catch up as they rummage through all the goodies that Lumi picked out. Lumi asks how Siri is feeling- is there much pain anymore? Siri assures her that she feels in tip-top shape, though there's one thing that she can't help but find annoying. She still can't have penetrative sex for a whole other week! No vibrators, no fingers... nothing except delicate, non-penetrative contact. This wouldn't be that big a deal if Siri had a girlfriend who understood her situation, but having to explain all of this to a one-night stand would be way too awkward. Siri's going to have to stifle her desires for some time longer, it seems... Unless... her good friend Lumi offers her a hand! Since Lumi knows exactly what Siri is going through, Siri wouldn't have to explain anything to her and Lumi would be able to offer Siri the safe, non-penetrative pleasure she so desires. Siri's a bit taken aback at first, but the idea is simply too tempting to resist. They have slow, sensual sex with plenty of edging and tribbing, making this one care package that Siri will always be grateful for.